Counting Blessings

Maria Fucci in front; from left, Chloe Dickson, Rachel Miller, Dixie Creasey and Dana Duke

The social centers of small communities are places where people gather to share news, joys, excitement and even, grief. In Decatur County, one such place is Tips To Toes, a salon and spa owned by Dixie and Jeff Creasey in Parsons. November 17 marked 20 years of operation for the salon/spa.

“We are truly blessed,” says Dixie Creasey. “When I started the salon 20 years ago, I never realized the impact that a few friends could achieve. Every day I count my blessings.”

The salon began in a small office in Parsons with only two technicians. Today, Tips To Toes has grown into a full-service nail, hair, and tanning salon located at 20 West Golf Street in Parsons just behind Vise’s Pharmacy. Current technicians working with Dixie include Maria Fucci, Dana Duke, Rachel Miller and Chloe Dickson.

Dixie says that the thing she loves most about her profession is the people she meets. “Relationships that you develop in small communities are so special,” she says. “I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Decatur County has been good to us, and I am so thankful of the faith that people have in supporting our salon.”

Women are not the only clients of the salon, as men have discovered the convenience of professional nail and foot care. Pedicure treatments for men often include smoothing roughen skin and taking care of unruly toenails.

“Meeting new people and getting to know them is what I like best,” says Dana Duke. “We learn about new places and ideas by talking to clients. It’s a great experience.”

The busiest times for any salon are during special events such as weddings or proms. Dixie and staff cater to private parties for weddings, birthdays, or other special events. The salon hours are also adjusted to accommodate schedules such as early mornings or late evenings.

Like most businesses, COVID created challenges for the salon which maintains strict cleaning and sterilizing schedules to keep their clients and staff as safe as possible. “We want people to feel at home while they are here and making sure they feel safe is a key concern,” says Rachel Miller. “Our clients become our extended family, so we care about what is going on in their lives. The salon is a place where clients can take a moment to recharge and take care of themselves.”

While some may consider manicures and pedicures as a luxury, those in the know realize that it is much more than a treat. It can be therapeutic. “For me, it’s all about making people feel better about themselves,” states Maria Fucci. “You know that after a hairstyling or manicure, you’ve done your best to make your client’s day better.”

The newest member of Dixie’s team is Chloe Dickson, a recent beauty school graduate. “When I was looking at what I wanted to do as a profession, I liked the idea of helping people and making them happy. Sometimes you may be the only conversation that an older person has that day, and it’s nice to know that you’ve done something to help them.”

Unlike many salons, the employee turnover rate is very low. Dixie and Jeff Creasey are proud of the team that they have built with their employees. “They always ask if we need anything to make our jobs better,” says Rachel Miller. “They care about us and treat us like family, which has been so important to those of us with kids.”

The staff of Tips To Toes sends their warmest wishes to everyone and says Thanks for a wonderful 20 Years! “Come on by and treat yourself or someone you love!” says Dixie Creasey.

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