Special-called meeting concerning hospital set for Thursday, April 29

The Decatur County Commission met on Thursday, April 22 for a planning meeting to prepare for their April meeting which will be held Monday, April 26. Several topics were discussed that will be voted on Monday night. First, updates were given on the renovation at Beech Bend Park. The final areas to be renovated are the bathrooms and the campground is set to open on April 26. To make reservations, individuals can call park manager, Latanya Mustain, at 731-733-3305. The commission discussed new rates for the campgrounds and these will be voted on Monday night. Also, Mayor Creasy mentioned the need to purchase a small building to serve as an office for the park manager and this will also be voted on Monday night.

Another item that was discussed at the planning meeting was the TCAT subsidy that the state has requested from Decatur County in the amount of $500,000 which will help pay for renovations that were completed at the new TCAT facility in Parsons. Mayor Creasy stated that this money could be paid over a two-year period in the amount of $250,000 each year. Commissioners discussed ideas about what fund this money could be allocated from and this item will be voted on Monday night as well.

Decatur County EMA director Andrew Sparks presented the final plans for the communications tower that is to be built in the Mt. Carmel area. This tower and the new radios being purchased will allow the county to have a digital communications system that will cover roughly 95 percent of the county. The land has been purchased and a $100,000 grant was awarded to the county to help fund this project. There have also been some reimbursements from FEMA that will help with the costs as well. After applying these funds, the total cost to the county will be approximately $51,000, and this amount will be voted on at the meeting Monday night.  

One item that will not be discussed Monday night is the sale of the hospital. There will a special-called county commission meeting on Thursday, April 29, where a presentation will be made regarding the hospital. There is a time for public input before the meeting at 5:30 p.m., and the meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

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