The General Assembly this week banned the teaching of divisive concepts and systematic racism in Tennessee schools.

House Bill 580 ensures public schools do not violate the Civil Rights Act or the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by prohibiting instruction that teaches students the U.S. is innately racist or that an individual’s moral character is determined by race. The measure rejects any curriculum that teaches children they are superior or guilty of prejudice simply because of their race or gender.

House Bill 580 encourages curriculum that teaches impartial instruction on historical oppression of certain groups, while maintaining a belief in the constitution and American democracy.

This legislation ensures that curriculum like Critical Race Theory, which teaches that racism is ingrained in U.S. institutions and that the history of the country is defined by power relationships based on race, is not taught in K-12 public Tennessee schools.

If local school districts are found to be in violation of this law, state education funds will be withheld until the district is no longer teaching separatist and divisive concepts.

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