Capt. Denver Bowman, of Parsons, Tenn., passed away on July 16, 2020 in Ogden, Utah. He is survived by Patricia, his wife of 51 years; and sons, Denver Jr. and David (Leigh Ann); as well as four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren with more on the way.

We all knew him as incredibly affable and quick with a story to share. He protected his country in times of peace and war in the Air Force and retired as an officer of FEMA. He was dedicated to his Lord and Savior throughout his life and was a great missionary and preacher of the word to all. He was part of many congregation families. His family is grateful for his love of the Lord and his example of following Christ. We are comforted in the principle that he always taught us that he would go when it was the Lord’s time for him to go.

Denver was a father who taught and exemplified love and service for others. He and Patricia made that their life’s work (she taught school) and they traveled the world sharing it with others. Denver spent summers and many other vacations exploring the country with his sons, visiting all 50 states by car (ok, he had to fly to Hawaii but wanted to drive). During these adventures he taught his boys a love for nature, peanut butter and crackers (ok maybe not love but frugality) and caring for those in need. It was a regular feature of these trips to stop and visit a distant relative or friend for several hours to ensure they were feeling loved and visited. He couldn’t visit or meet somebody without both he and Pat trying to perform some act of service while they were there. This taught his sons (and later grandchildren) the importance of every soul and person to Christ and himself.

Denver always believed that education was one of the most important pursuits in life. At last count he provided financial and moral support to his children, grandchildren and others for at least a dozen advanced degrees.

The world will miss one of the few men who always tried to do what he believed was right. He was strong and true, blessing all of those who knew him. We love you sweetheart, dad, grandpa, friend, and example. We will do our best to follow in your lead and look forward to the day we can all be together in the arms of our Savior.

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