In the Chancery Court of Decatur County, Tennessee

Erin Elisha Crafton, Plaintiff vs. Joel Dennis Crafton, Defendant

No. 21-1067

Order of Publication

It appearing to the Court from the sworn petition or affidavit filed in this cause that the whereabouts of the Defendant, Joel Dennis Crafton, are presently unknown and cannot be ascertained upon diligent inquiry, so that ordinary process cannot be served upon him. Therefore, in Parsons, Decatur County, Tennessee, as the best possible notice to the Defendant under the circumstances.

Defendant, Joel Dennis Crafton, is hereby required to appear and file an answer with the Clerk and Master of Decatur County Chancery Court, Decatur County Courthouse, 22 Main Street, Parsons, Tennessee, or otherwise defend against the Complaint for Divorce, and to serve an answer to said petition by March 11, 2022, which is thirty (30) days from the last day of publication of this notice, and send a copy of said answer to Mary C. Jowers, Attorney for the Plaintiff in this cause whose address is PO Box 207, Lexington, TN 38351, or default judgement will be entered against the Defendant, Joel Dennis Crafton, and this cause set for hearing in the Chancery COURT OF decatur County, Tennessee, sitting in the Decatur County Courthouse in Decaturville, Tennessee, ex parte as to Defendant.

If there is no answer, a hearing on Plaintiff’s motion for default shall be heard on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Failure to answer or appear may result in granting divorce to the Plaintiff.

Honorable Vicki Hoover, Decatur County Chancellor

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