Decatur County and Riverside High School earn Work Ready Community Certification

On May 20, 2021, the National Career Readiness Certification, a program by the national ACT test, announced that Decatur County and Riverside High School had earned a certification as a Work Ready Community. According to the Work Ready Communities organization, “The foundation of a community's certification is based on individuals at the county level across the current, transitioning and emerging workforce earning an ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate and employers recognizing the ACT WorkKeys NCRC. The ACT WorkKeys NCRC is a portable, industry-recognized credential that clearly identifies an individual’s WorkKeys skills in workplace documents, applied math and graphic literacy - skills required for 77 percent of jobs based on ACT JobPro database.”

By participating in the certification process all stake holders in the community can understand the demands of a productive workforce and to work together to close the skills gap that exists between demand and labor availability. This also allows students to understand what skills are required by employers and how to prepare themselves for success. Currently there are 106 Juniors and Seniors at Riverside High School that have earned the work keys certification, and there are already 79 former students actively working within the community that have this certification for a total of 185 work ready certifications earned in the short history of the program.

Currently there are 13 businesses in Decatur County that are also recognized as having this distinction as well. These businesses include: West Tennessee Adult Education, Decatur County Board of Education, Kolpak, FirstBank, UT Martin Parsons Center, Ace Hardware of Parsons, Quinn Construction, River Breeze Estates, Wally-Mo Trailers, Decatur County Riverside High School, Decatur County Chamber of Commerce, The Ayers Foundation, and Allegion/Republic Doors and Frames. For more information about the certification process or how a business can become WorkReady certified, please visit Thank you as always for your continued support of Decatur County Schools and our Career and Technical Education.

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