Riverside High School will be among the ranks of Tennessee High Schools that participate in the Jobs for Tennessee Graduates program beginning with the 2021-2022 school year. Riverside High School will join the ranks with 23 other elite high schools in Tennessee and 39 states in the US that have prioritized student success for the future. Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG), an affiliate of Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), is a non-profit organization dedicated to stewarding high school students toward graduation with follow through toward post-secondary education and/or job opportunities.

The Jobs for America’s Graduate (JAG) model is divided into three parts: project-based learning, employer engagement, and trauma-informed care. Skills taught throughout the program include resume writing, interview skills, professional dress, conflict resolution, leadership, community service, public speaking, organizational skills, and basic computer applications. Students will create a portfolio with a resume, letters of interest, letters of resignation, and letters of reference that can be used to apply to college, obtain a job, or apply for scholarships. This a fully credited course which provides students with an additional elective credit towards graduation as well as the support they need for graduation, post-secondary applications, and navigating the world of college and career after graduation.

In the most recent annual report, JAG National was proven to be very effective. Students who participated in the Jobs for Tennessee Graduates program had a graduation rate of 99 percent, 80 percent experience a positive outcome such as employment, postsecondary enrollment, or military, 80 percent improvement in attendance rates, 80 percent improvement in self-esteem, 80 percent improvement in GPA, and an 80 percent decline in discipline referrals.

Jobs for Tennessee Graduates has an oversight board that includes members such as former NFL running back, Eddie George, and US Senator, Marsha Blackburn. Board member and COO of @WorkGroup said, “I serve on the JTG to help make an impact on student’s lives in the State of Tennessee! Jobs for Tennessee Graduates provides an opportunity for kids to learn the skills required to enter the workforce and be successful. The training they receive is extremely practical and make a direct impact in their lives now, and in the future! By focusing on the students in Tennessee that need it the most, JTG is helping to build a better future for them and the local communities where the program is active. As a professional in the recruiting/staffing industry, I see JTG as the perfect bridge to help kids enter the workforce and be the most successful they can possibly be. Making that impact is what it’s all about and why I serve on the board.”

Jobs for Tennessee Graduates Founder and CEO, John Dwyer is thrilled at the partnership between Riverside High School and JTG. “I’m so proud that Riverside is joining the JTG family. I have no doubt that specialist Dr. Lyndi King will have an immediate impact. Her students will have an edge on ninety-nine percent of seniors all around Tennessee. They will be employable and have a career path after high school. You just wait!” Director of Schools, Chris Villaflor along with Principal, Hugh Smith, are excited to bring this valuable program to the students of Decatur County.

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